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Stainless steel barbecue. Stainless steel cover for roasting.
Sturdy stainless steel brazier.
Stainless steel trestle stand with bayonet coupling.
LPG or gas 3,3 kW enameled steel burner.
Food certified 47 cm diameter Teflon coated aluminium griddle plate.
When used without the griddle plate it becomes a handy cooker.
Stainless steel drip tray.

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Dimensione: Altezza piano cottura - Height of cooking surface - Hauteur surface de cuisson Höhe des Kochfeldes - Altura placa de cocción: 76 cm
Peso - Weight - Poids - Gewicht - Peso: 11,80 kg
Dimensione piastra di cottura - Size of cooking plate - Dimension plaque de cuisson Abmessungen des Kochplate - Dimensiones plancha de cocción: ø 47 cm
Gas - Gas - Gaz - Gas - Gas


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